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Cascade Austin Healey Club

About Us

About Us

The Cascade Austin Healey Club has been established for the appreciation, promotion,
preservation and enjoyment of the automobiles designed, built and/or significantly modified by
Donald M. Healey and/or Geoffrey C. Healey.

All activities and purposes of the Club are primarily centered around automobiles that bear the Austin Healey nameplate.  These include, but are not limited to, the Austin Healey 100-4, 100-6, 3000, Jensen-Healeys and Sprite models.

We Celebrate The Cars

It’s our passion for Austin Healey cars that brought us together as a club.  As members, at some point in the past we were all overcome with temptation and fell victim to our emotions.  The design, the lines, the curves, the stance, the grill are the visual elements that when combined with that throaty engine sound all contribute to the definition of a “Classic British roadster”.  The only thing better than owning an Austin Healey is driving an Austin Healey.  Only then can you fully appreciate the rush of power as you accelerate through the gears, the responsiveness and tight handling of the car through curves and hills or the sun on your face and wind in your hair as you cruise the backroads. These cars are special and as the temporary stewards, we remain respectful of their role in history, happily share them with the public and do our best to keep the tradition of “Classic British roadsters” alive.

We Celebrate Cars

Who We Are

Who We Are
Members and Cars

Membership in our club is stable with around 200 members who are based in the Pacific Northwest including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia with a shout out to members in Alaska, Nevada, and Germany. Our membership is comprised of original owners, multi-generational family owners, women owners, multiple Healey owners, concours Healey owners, racecar Healey owners, heavily modified Healey owners, and restoration project Healey owners.  We do have some members who don’t own Healeys either after having sold their car or with the hopes of buying a car in the future while still finding value in our community.  We have members who over the course of decades have developed a deep wealth of knowledge of the various car mechanicals, sources for parts, broader community references to troubleshoot issues and the tips and tricks that you can only learn through experience and by doing.

What We Do

We buy them, we drive them, we maintain them, we service them, we restore them, we wash them, we polish them, we show them, we race them, we modify them,  we troubleshoot them, we judge them, we talk about them, we argue about them, we look at them, we take pictures of them, we learn about them, we teach about them, we share them, we accept them, we think about them, we cherish them, but most of all, we make lifetime memories with them. 

Original owners are truly special regardless of the marque.  Nancy and Bruce Taylor have owned their Healey for 62 years, remain active members of the Cascade club who have traveled more than 1,800 miles in it this year.  Below is a video they did in 2015 where they shared their lifetime memories with the world.

Our Members & Cars

What We Do


Our club magazine is the "Cascade" and it is published 6 times a year.  Our editor is Terri McDermott. We are trying to live up to the very high standards established by Craig Anderson. Craig is responsible for the development of the magazine to its current format.  He introduced the glossy paper and the color format.

Contributions of articles and photos from our members and readers are gratefully accepted.  Please let us know what types of articles you would like to see and we will do our best to include them in future magazines. Cover pictures are to be in a vertical format.

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